UA Canada Local 244  

U.A. Local 244 Pension-Welfare

UA Local 244's Welfare Plan started in 1972 followed by the start up of the Pension Plan in 1979.

Both Plans are fully funded with a surplus.

The Pension Plan has done especially well and is currently in better shape than most Defined Benefit Plans in Nova Scotia and Canada.

Jim Hanifen and Bill McKay have recently retired as Management Trustees. Both were part of the original group who started our Benefit Plans and the Membership owes them a sincere debt of gratitude.

Sometimes in life you have the opportunity to work with outstanding people, Bill and Jim were two of those people.

Currently the Management Trustees are Ian Tate and Steve Hayne. The Union Trustees are James MacGillivray and Ben Chisholm.

At our Trustee meetings everything was done by consensus and there were no Union or Management Positions taken.

The current Board follows the same guidelines.

When good friends work together, success happens.


Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

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